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INFRARED CHI MACHINE WALKER WITH REFLEXOLOGY THERAPY is a foot massager which delivers accurate stimulations to important points of the sole and as a result the user can enjoy the benefits of Reflexology.



  1. Digital Remote control
  2. 10 Speed Levels
  3. 2 speed Vibration for Accupressure therapy and Reflexology Therapy
  4. Infrared light for Detoxification and reliving Pain in the body
  5. Magneto Thetapy

Morning Walker Digital is very effective machine which can be a perfect solution to walking and jogging. It is a digital morning walker having multi-speed options inbuilt in it operated with buttons provided for the same. Morning Walker Digital is the best morning walker cum jogger machine that helps to burn extra fat and lets you to stay healthy. It has a soft cushion and gentle foot massager which give a nice feeling and relaxes the feet. 
This machine is very effective for body and it revitalizes passive muscles and helps in restoration of balance to body. It gives the user all the benefits of walking without any potential side effects. Using it for few minutes gives you the benefit of walking thousands of steps. You can get real waling effect right at your home any time and you don’t have to worry for the traffic & pollution on the roads while walking or jogging. It s very effective machine and is suited to people of all ages. It can also be gifted to someone for whom you care a lot.

Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.

Benefits of Morning Walker :


  •   Firmer Hips, Thighs, and toned muscles
  •   Slimmer Body
  •   Improved Posture
  •   Increased Energy
  •   Improved Blood Circulation
  •   Helps Reducing Weight
  •   Aligns the Spine
  •   Better Sleep
  •   Helps reducing  Muscle and Back Pain
  •   Removes Lactic Acid Build Up
  •   Helps Drain the Lymphatic System
  •   Remove Toxins
  •   Strengthens the Immune System
  •   Increases Blood Oxygenation
  •   Improves Metabolism
  •   Total Stress Relief
  •   Loosens Stiff Muscles
  •   All the benefits of Reflexology therapy

Disclaimer:- Results may vary from person to person.

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